Beyonce blushes at ’50 Shades’ premiere

The singer previewed a sex scene!

Beyoncé is quite often spotted on stage wearing a barely-there leotard with just a few carefully placed sequins to cover her modesty, so it may come as a surprise to hear that she blushed hard at a preview of Fifty Shades of Grey!

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson told LA Times of the weird screening she gave Bey, which had her questioning her actions seconds into the situation.

“As the scene opened there was no context. There wasn’t the slow meeting and the interview and the coffee shop, it was just, ‘Here’s a hardcore sex scene, hey, nice to meet you’ … I suddenly felt myself recoil,” she said.

“I suddenly thought, ‘This is really explicit, and I don’t even know this woman’.”

Awkwaaard, but once Beyoncé had come to terms with the beauty that is Jamie Dornan, she had only but good things to say.

“When the scene finished, Beyoncé just went, ‘Wow, that was hot’, so I thought, ‘OK, that was fun. That was a good day at the office’,” Sam added.


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