Skales Shows Off His Fancy Mthwessi shoes


The all famous Nigerian singer Skales shows off is fancy Messi shoe Manufactured by Addidas.

The singer posted a photo of his boots on Instagram and captioned it with “Woohoo !!! Bout to launch my @leomessi soccer boot …hope I go dey play like messi sha !!!”skales-boots


Florence + the Machine Drop New Album Info

Talk Music To Me

After releasing what was believed to be the lead single from their upcoming new record, Florence + the Machine have given fans something to look forward to in the Summer; the name and release date of said album.

The duo’s third studio album will be titled How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, just like the song they released earlier this week. The record will be released on June 2 through Republic Records.

The first official single, as it turns out, is a track titled “What Kind of Man” just like iTunes had “mistakenly” posted on Monday.

Watch the music video which  was directed by Vincent Haycock (he also directed the video for “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”) for “What Kind of Man” below.

The record was produced by Markus Dravs who has a great track record previously working with acts like The Arcade Fire, Coldplay, and Björk.


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Drake Drops Surprise Album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Cash Money Records 4th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Awards PartyDrake hasn’t dropped a mixtape 2009’s So Far Gone, and apparently he’s in no rush to give away free music again. After weeks of speculation he would drop a mixtape around NBA All-Star weekend, Drake released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Thursday night via iTunes. The 17-track project comes on the heels of Drake’s short film, “Jungle,” which was released Wednesday.

The announcement came via a simple tweet with an iTunes buy link and an accompanying picture of the artwork. You can purchase If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ for 12.99. Drake’s last retail project, Nothing Was The Same, was released September 23 and sold 658,000 copies during its first week of release. You can view the artwork and tracklisting for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late below.

Drake Mixtape

  1. Energy
  2. 10 Bands
  3. Know Yourself
  4. No Tellin’
  5. Madonna
  6. 6 God
  7. Star67
  8. Preach (feat.

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Nokia Here for Android is updated, out of beta and in Google Play


Nokia had quite the beta trial for its new Android version of Here, receiving 3 million downloads in four months after releasing the software for sideload on its website. But Nokia believes it has worked out the kinks and it’s launching a new version of the app with several new features and updates. It’s also making the app far more accessible to the Android-wielding public by offering it in Google Play.

If you already have the beta version of Here, you probably need to download the new version from Play as the beta version likely won’t automatically update. It should be worth the effort since [company]Nokia[/company] has fixed some bugs and added some new bells and whistles to the app.

Most notably, it’s added more interactivity to the maps so you can tap on businesses, points of interest and even traffic alerts to get more detailed information. For instance, tapping…

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ESPN’s flagship iOS news app now works on both iPhone and iPad

i think is the best


ESPN pushed a big update to its flagship news app for iOS on Thursday. Now simply called ESPN — ditching the “Sportscenter” appellation — the app sports a new look, WatchESPN and ESPN Radio integration, and importantly for iPad-toting sports fans, it is a universal app that works on both phones and tablets running iOS.

It’s not that you couldn’t get scores from ESPN on an iPad before — the “Worldwide Leader” had a confusingly named and poorly-reviewed iPad app called ESPN ScoreCenter XL. But the company is following a new digital strategy, announced last fall, in which it is making cuts to its lineup of apps. Previously, the company had 45 different apps for various sports niches, including separate apps focusing on fantasy leagues, radio, and individual sports like soccer. Now, the game plan is to work on fewer, more individually personalized apps.

screen480x480 (1)


The design language in the…

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The 2015 SF/F Fans Award Recommendation Thread


The Nebula Award nomination period ends on February 15, and the Hugo/Campbell Award nomination period is well underway, and several other awards are in their consideration periods as well. Which makes right now an excellent time for fans of the science fiction and fantasy genre to make their recommendations for books, stories, art, movies and TV shows, fanzines and podcasts to nominate for this year’s slate of awards.

And so, here’s have a thread to make those recommendations. I’ve done this for a few years now, and every year it offers up recommendations worth considering when the time comes to make one’s own award nominations.

What and how should you recommend? Here are the thread rules:

1. Please make sure that what you’re suggesting, work or person, is actually eligible for awards consideration this year. Generally speaking that means the work was published (or otherwise produced) in the last calendar…

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You can try out a beta version of Windows 10 on your phone now


It’s here: Windows 10 for phones is ready for the public to preview. Microsoft announced that it was pushing the beta OS to intrepid testers through its Windows Insider program on Thursday.

To download the new technical preview, you’ll need to grab it through the Windows Insider app after signing up for the Windows Insider preview program. You’ll also need an eligible Windows Phone. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive new builds as over-the-air updates. Here’s the full list from Microsoft:

  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 636
  • Lumia 638
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 830

You might notice that this list of devices does not include many of the high-end devices that run Windows Phone, including the 900 series and HTC’s One M8 with Windows Phone.

Update 2:30 ET: Good luck if you’re trying to install the update. Many power users and Microsoft journalists are furiously complaining on Twitter that even devices…

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New Facebook tool masks tech industry’s digital death fight


Facebook wants to cheat death. Or at least the laws governing death. That’s how a cynic might see a new feature that lets users hand over part of their profile when they pass away.

The feature is called “Legacy Contact” and for the first time allows users to designate someone who can do things like update their cover photo and manage friend requests in the event of their death. This is a change from existing rules, which only allow loved ones to delete a user’s account or freeze it as a memorial.

Suzanne Walsh, an estate lawyer with the firm Murtha Cullina, said in a phone interview that she is “thrilled” by the move. But she also sees it is an attempt by Facebook to forestall the “Digital Assets Act,” a model law intended to help executors obtain assets — contracts, passwords, digital currency and so on — that may only exist in a deceased person’s online accounts.

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Researcher discovers security flaw in Netatmo weather station


The Netatmo weather station, a popular and beautiful connected weather station, apparently sends your Wi-Fi password as well as other device and network information over the internet in an unencrypted format. Johannes Ullrich, CTO at the SANS Internet Storm Center in Jacksonville, Florida, posted a blog on Thursday documenting the device’s lack of security. He was pretty mild-mannered about the lapse, pointing out that the transmission of his credentials only happened at the setup and wasn’t replicated when he restarted the device again, explaining:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]So what happened? After looking at the full capture of the data, I found that indeed the weather station sent my password to “the cloud”, along with some other data. The data include the weather stations MAC address, the SSID of the WiFi network, and some hex encoded snippets.

Not only should data like this not be transmitted “in the clear”, but in addition…

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